Update: 2 kids at home now.  No job, purposely. Going to start writing again on a regular basis. Still parenting from the couch. Currently trying yoga from the couch. At least in my sleep…

I am a hard-working, sometimes very lazy woman (first), wife (second), although my husband might disagree with this order, mother of three (third). My children are spaced pretty far apart which will allow me to appreciate the joys of raising teenagers for 18 years.  So far I’m on year 2 & 1/2. (Please send help along with lots of Vodka/beer/wine…) One is out of the house, so technically I’m on year 5 of raising teenagers. But I still want the vodka, beer and wine.

I have an amazing husband who I would like to strangle on a regular basis. Don’t worry he shares the same affection for me. A job which pays the bills allows me to get the occasional manicure/pedicure without raging guilt. Fortunately I have a lovely group of beautiful girlfriends, unfortunately they reside all over the country. Three lovely children, the first one born while I was still a child myself. He is now a teenager and my karma from my teenage years has hit me with a such a vengeance; mothers of teenagers the world over should smile with reaffirming glee.  I know it will be a blink of an eye and he will have moved away and I will cry tears of anguish because it went by so quickly…but I’m not there yet, ok? Plus by that time I will have another child entering the teenage years and another one after that, so just do me a favor and look at the paragraph above and send help.

I’m loud, obnoxious, opinionated, stubborn, I never know when it’s time to leave, I have major issues with boundaries, and am loads of fun.  Please read my blog and feel better about yourself and/or your parenting skills, but don’t be too terribly mean. Even though I’m all of the above, I have a deep need for people to like me. This has cost me several trips to Europe in therapy money, but the need still persists.


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  1. Juliet,
    I went to high school with your Mom and Dad, and ran into them again before Mandy or you were even born. We have some great, crazy memories. Then I lost contact with them until last month. So good to renew the friendship and hear where and what we have done with our lives and now the children and grandchildren. Like you, I am a fun-loving person, crazy sometimes and will bend the rules; not break them. My children say they would be bored with “normal” parents. No problem there. Never a dull moment here! I try to stress positive attitudes because I love to see smiles and hear laughter in my home. Keep love in your heart and a smile on your face. I’ve earned every grey hair in my head and a lady in Savannah told me I was kissed by an angel because I have a pure grey streak on the right side of my head. I think the angel drooled a little becasue it is spreading. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!
    Looking forward to reading your blogs and wish you and your family the best life has to offer.
    Sandi Adkins Andrews

    • Hi Sandi,
      My parents were just visiting for my 6 year-old’s birthday and my mother mentioned the two of you had gotten back in touch. That is wonderful!
      Yes, I’ve been touched by many, many angels in my life. While I don’t have the gray hair, I have a lot of other things to show for it!!
      Thanks for reading, I am keeping it real for sure. No glamour, just humor and truth…


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