Coupons and Romance in Aisle 13

I think I have a winner for my Twitter competition. Now if I can just figure out how to use the damn thing…Details coming soon.

It’s Sunday and I’ve straightened the house — so much easier than actually cleaning it and now I feel semi-accomplished. I’m in my work out clothes, so my head’s in the right place. Even if I don’t actually exercise, at least I thought about it enough to get dressed.  Ah, today is turning into one accomplishment after another.

My lovely husband and I just had the previous night off from the kids. And what did we do on a kid-free Saturday? I’m embarrassed to admit it. We cut coupons, went grocery shopping, worked on a business plan, and then watched a steamy foreign film and … well I’ll leave the last part off the internet. It was a good night and now today, I’ve straightened the house…Mission accomplished. Where’s my banner and battleship?

Because currently I’m so utterly boring and I have no drama worth mentioning, I will leave you with some pictures.

A lovely picture from my garden…yeah right.

I kill fake house plants.

This is what I built last weekend, so you can see why today I feel so accomplished. I fluffed couch pillows…

I took a hike through some magical misty woods, until I spotted some weird building off in the distance.

Then I got lost in the plains of South Africa.

Ok, so I didn’t really do any of these things; my husband did…But did I mention I straightened the house?

Here’s to hoping your weekend was as “accomplished” as mine.


8 responses to “Coupons and Romance in Aisle 13

  1. Why must I be “lovely”? Can I not be adoring, helpful, semi-dashing, or faintly-handsome??

  2. Yeah, nothing like a “straightened” house, ANYONE can clean. And you definitely got your mother’s “brown thumb”…I’ve learned not to look at, think about or touch any plant that I want to last…

  3. I love your narrative! Wonderful writing. The shots are great too!

    • Thank you! I cannot take credit for any of these shots, they are all taken by my husband. Now the sarcastic humor, that’s all mine. I checked out your blog. I loved it; I too liked to create different personas for myself as a child. Oh the things I made up!!

  4. I did a cross stitch once that said “Dull Women Have Immaculate Houses.”
    And the other one I liked was “Dust Is A Protective Covering For Furniture.”
    Boy, is my furniture protected!

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