Paris, a lesson in humility and stairs

Ok, some of these pictures might not blow you away and that’s because I took them. But I must show you this one first, because this could have been the end of my trip to Paris.


You see this “little” church in Paris is in the Montmartre district  (in the 18th arrondissement on the Right Bank if you want to get technical) and this is a very, very hilly area of Paris and I’m very, very clumsy. Fast forward to a little afternoon stop at a cafe in said district, a few glasses of wine, and killer heels not meant for hills, cobblestone streets, nor steep downward stairs to the bathroom and you’ve got to know where this is going… Let’s just say when my friend heard the thump, she knew it was me. And it was. One very twisted, sprained, strained ankle later and you have this.

You should see the video.

I don’t mean any disrespect, but this is a one way ticket to the The Mona Lisa up close and personal. There was no standing behind the ropes. There wasn’t much standing at all for me at the Louvre. My best friend and husband were kind enough to push me around, however they demanded I not hobble up stairs. No, they were not being kind. They insisted if they had to push my clumsy butt through the Louvre I was going to have to sit and take the slow, very noisy ramp up the 2 to 3 steps of stairs that are everywhere in this museum. However, we did get to push buttons and disappear behind walls in many museums in Paris. Never a dull moment when I’m around…

I just love the lighting in this picture.

Dessert at Jules Verne.

This, my friends, is the only way to experience the Eiffel Tower.

Especially if you’re having trouble walking, you’ve seen The Mona Lisa without having to wait your turn, the back rooms of the Louvre and your life flash before your eyes as your tumbling face first down tile steps. I would assume these are not your typical memories of Paris, but they are mine. I have the stair ramp video to prove it.


One response to “Paris, a lesson in humility and stairs

  1. I laughed out loud…it’s so YOU…well the apple didn’t fall far from the “graceful” tree. Great way to see museums…

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