Maybe I shouldn’t start a post with such a mundane subject. But read on and you will see this subject is neither mundane nor trivial. Plus, I promised in the beginning I could do a whole post on socks.  

First,  if there is a hell, mine will certainly involve socks.  I have 3 males in my house and although they are of varying ages they have all been blessed with large feet (so even though they are all over the age spectrum – their shoe size is almost the same). I often quote that “I am in tube sock hell”. Except due to the weather, fashion trends or what have you, I’m actually in black “no show” sock hell. And. NONE. of. them. match.  

Matchin' ain't happenin'


Second, you would not believe the dirty, no crunchy, socks that litter every crevice of my home. It is, I believe, part of  the male anatomy to shed their socks every couple of hours. It is also a necessary evil to continue to purchase black no see-um socks every couple of weeks because none of my children can find clean socks.  

My bathroom -- wait, why are they in here?


Third, I won’t even delve into my youngest female child and her massive issues with socks. I talked it about here. Yes, this is another form of hell which we regularly participate in first thing in the morning. (At least her socks are not black.)  

The hallway


The Dining Room -- ewww and please forgive the dirt on the floor. The house cleaner is on sabbatical.


Take that preachers, priests, priestesses and the like:  the way to true fire and brimstone begins with SOCKS.


3 responses to “Socks

  1. I think you snuck into my house and took pictures! Loving your blog tonight, thank you for sharing.

  2. Raising 4 boys and a husband, I can relate to your problem. I can’t tell you how many times I stood in front of the washing machine wailing, “There has to be more to life, than turning socks right side out!”. A solution I tried was buying white socks with different colored ban at the top. Son 1 was blue, Son 2 was green, etc. Then we knew who sock belonged to who. Worked for awhile.

    • Yes, I think we tried that too — once — awhile ago…It obviously didn’t work out very well because we stopped for some reason or another. I’ll keep using the word “we” like my sock purchasing is some sort of collective effort 🙂

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