“Parents just don’t understand…”

I’ve been meaning to write, but I’ve just been so busy. I hate when life gets in the way of my plans. I was supposed to be rich and famous by now, but silly little things like the dishes and what’s for dinner  keep interrupting my plans of grandeur.  Plus my teenager is taking up so much of my brain space that there’s nothing left for get rich schemes or PhD’s.  He’s a great kid, but Oh My…

Life with a teenager is like when you always hear about a newborn baby screaming through the night and you see a Hollywood movie scene of a dazed mother or father walking around with their pants on backwards and you think, “Yea right — that will never happen to me.”  Then karma socks you with a 15lb colicky milk sucker,  a high-pitched scream that only you and dogs can hear and you’re walking around with a diaper stuck to your shoulder and throw up permanently a part of your hair.  Forget about wearing your pants backwards because you haven’t gotten out of your pajamas for weeks.

Well that’s sort of what its like with a teenager, minus the diapers. But here’s the issue. Let’s start hearing from everyone about how it all will be ok.  A little advice from a been- there- done- that older mother who tells you they will stop acting liking an overgrown two year-old. Yes, terrible things could happen. But they could anyway, any day.  Definitely don’t tell me, Wow- this is only your first, you still have another and then.a.GIRL!

Come on– that’s like telling someone who’s been diagnosed with breast cancer — Uh oh, don’t forget you have two. Imagine when it spreads to that one!

Why would anyone do that? When you see a dazed new mother, these people must be the ones to walk up and say, “Oh, honey you won’t sleep for the rest of your life. Get used to it.” What? How about some nod of acknowledgment and simple, “Oh, honey it’s gets better and it is so wonderful. Wait till they say ‘I love you’.”

Let’s give up the terrorizing and try some humor. I always find that’s the best advice and the best way to handle anything.


5 responses to ““Parents just don’t understand…”

  1. As a been there done that “older” mother/grandmother I can tell you we/they ARE using humor, otherwise…remember the line “you want the truth? you can’t handle the truth “. Yes, things “sometimes” get better but not before the “it can’t get any worse” does get worse. And yes you have to go thru the “no one is more stupid than my parents” and yes it is the most wonderful thing when they say “I love you” just as it IS the most horrific when they say “I hate you” and you know at that particular moment they think they do.We have to remember their brains/thinking aren’t fully formed and we are sometimes to tired/stressed to really use ours. The joys of the parent of a teenager…that comes later !

  2. Sandra Renaux

    Yes! It does get better! No! You never stop worrying. Raising 4 boys was a challenge, but keeping your humor is so important. And the mantra, will this matter in 10 years? Oh and the most importants one…..Pick your battles. I think that one is what helped me the most. I remember going on strike one time and then another, when they talked to me I would just hum like I was the only one in the room. See I was listening to them like They were listening to me. That frustrated and made them think. Good luck, you are doing a great job with your children and the blog.

  3. You’ll survive and so will he. Not only that, but you’ll actually start to like each other again!

    Choosing your battles wisely is great advice. I also tried to put myself in his shoes and remember what it was like to be in teenage hell. It’s not easy for him either.

    Just keep on following your instincts, keep on loving him and it’ll all work out fine in the end. Really.

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